It's not your business dream that's the problem. It's the execution!

let's Fix That

The $7 a Day Ad Machine

That Works for Any Type of Business 

A 5-week step-by step program where you create a $7 a day social ad machine that attracts hyper targeted, buying customers for your unique business. Because marketing spend should be bringing you qualified customers that buy predictably. 

  • Get in front of the customers who already want your solution. Learn how to find the people who are already looking for your product or service. 

  • Build brand respect & desire for your product or service. Build a quality relationship with your customers and go from first contact to paying customer in just 4 easy steps. 

  • Easy set up & maintenance. Step-by-step training for setting up and executing your $7 a day social ad machine. 

  • Bonus training. Learn to create headlines, copy and landing pages that convert!


The 8%

Science shows that only 8% of people achieve business success. This is how you become one of the 8%.

What is that one business goal that has been just out of reach? The one that keeps you stuck in the hustle and grind? What is going to change for you when you achieve it?

  • Will you quit your day job?
  • Do you want to finally be able to sleep at night knowing your finances are covered?
  • Or maybe even something more? That feeling of accomplishment to finally be wildly successful by doing what you are passionate about in life?


Stop going it alone! No matter where you are in your business and what goal you are working toward, get the weekly expert training in marketing, branding & mindset and bi-weekly live calls that give you the winning edge. This is what the 8% are doing. 

5-Minute Mindset Podcast


Bite sized nuggets of learning and inspiration that you can use right away to upgrade your mindset, grow your business, and live a more fulfilling life. All on your terms!

  • Highly Actionable, NLP, mindset & marketing techniques that you can start using today.

  • Short & Sweet, New episodes weekly. Each inspiring episode is 5 minutes or less.

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